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The 3 Foundations of On and Off the Field


We cover all the on the field action for all 32 NFL teams! We also keep you informed on every move in the offseason and will continue to track the movements of the XFL.


We practice what we preach. We might not be millionaires, but anyone can make a difference. We do fundraisers and giveaways constantly, in hopes of making an impact on the lives of those that need our help the most.


NFL players grab our attention on the field every week, but we shine the light on them when they are off the field as well. We show you what these amazing people do week in and week out to improve the lives of others.

When To Expect New Content

You will want to visit the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages everyday for hot memes and daily XFL/NFL news. If you are looking for the new blog posts and podcast episodes, check out the timeframes below!


New blogs will drop during the NFL season on Tuesdays! They will include anything from power rankings to game predicitons for the coming week!


Live Shows

We love to interact with the fans so follow us on Facebook and YouTube to watch the live shows Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8PM EST!


Podcast Episodes

New episodes drop Tuesday and Thursday nights around 9PM EST. They will be on all podcasting platforms and YouTube!


Your Hosts of On and Off the Field

Say hello to Derf and Dylan! Click on the pictures to learn more about the hosts of your favorite NFL/XFl podcast!

Dylan Moran

Founder of On and Off the Field and Co-Host

Fred Peterson

On and Off the Field Co-Host

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