Your Hosts: Derf and Dylan

About Dylan Moran (Seahawks)

I grew up in the small town of Pulaski, NY. No, it is not one of the 5 bureaus. This is in Upstate New York where some of the main activities are hunting, fishing and definitely football. I grew up decked out in Philadelphia Eagles gear (thanks mom and dad). Ever since 2004, I’ve been getting decked out in Seattle Seahawks gear! Every Sunday, it was wake up early, go to church, come home and watch football. I wouldn’t have traded any of those Sundays away for anything!

High school was a touch time in my life. Bullying was the name of the game and nearly everyday was a nightmare. I was the kid that always wore a hoodie with the hood up, with big skull candy headphones with the volume on max listening to Linkin Park (RIP Chester). Fortunately, I made a few good friends who I still consider my closest friends to this day. One of my major outlets was sports. I participated in almost every single extracurricular sport the school offered. I played football the longest, but most of my bullies played football and I couldn’t last on the team with them. The most fun I had was actually playing tennis. I wasn’t very good, but I had a blast and have some good memories from it. Graduation eventually came and I moved onto college and the Army.

I went and had my fun at Basic Training/AIT in Fort Jackson, SC. I will say, I came out of that the skinniest I have ever been in my life. I did end up going to college though, as much as I didn’t want to. It took me 3 years to get my associates since I changed majors. I ended up with a computer information degree. It was good enough to get me a good job!

I joined the Army Reserves as a Human Resources Specialist. Not the most exciting job, but my ASVAB score was not impressive enough to get a fun gig. It was either that or “horizontal construction”. My military service period was a roller coaster! I had high hopes of climbing the ranks, deployments and many other achievements. Unfortunately, I found out I have epilepsy the hard way. I ended up having multiple (3) seizures which prevented me from deploying. I also acquired a bad back that liked to lock up and put me in the ER a few times. I was lucky I was not medically discharged from the Army. I was able to finish out my 8 years (2011-2019) and be honorably discharged. No deployments, only made it to E-4 and that’s when the depression set in. That is something I have battled for years and still do to this day.

Fighting through all of it, I ended up going on a date with a girl that I knew for most of my life. Didn’t work out. But on that date, I met my wife, Caitlin. She was my friends roommate at college. Weird I know! We ended up getting married in 2015 and it’s been the happiest part of my life! We are expecting our first child in June 2020!

About Fred “Derf” Peterson (Bills)

Even though I grew up in a few different towns, the town that I really call my hometown, is Westfield, NY.  It’s a small town in western New York along the shoreline of Lake Erie. Westfield is known for 2 major things: Welch’s and Abraham Lincoln.  The headquarters for Welch’s was there for a long time and where Abraham Lincoln stopped to meet Grace Bedell, who was the little girl that wrote him a letter to grow a beard to win the presidential election.  I grew up a Bills fan but from a far until the 2005 NFL season when I really became a big fan of the Buffalo Bills.  

I did play backyard football as a kid but didn’t decide to play football in school until my junior year of high school.  Unfortunately, I didn’t play a ton but I did get some good experiences out of it during my last 2 years of school. That same year in high school I decided to play tennis as well.  I had a Nintendo Wii at home and loved playing tennis on Wii Sports so I thought, why not? I had a blast playing my Junior and Senior years and surprisingly I was a better singles than doubles player.  Graduation came and it was time to go to Penn State.  

I originally went to Penn State to be a meteorologist, who doesn’t want to get paid for being wrong?  After a couple challenging courses that were prerequisites for the program, I switched to Geography and was able to get a minor in Climatology for all my hard work that I had put into wanting to be a meteorologist.  I only went to a handful of football games when I was at Penn State main campus, but they were an absolute blast! After graduation in 2013, I worked a couple jobs while struggling to find a job in my field.

 At the end of 2014, I started online dating, and even though our search distances didn’t match I met Emily.  After over a year of long distance dating, I made the move to Rochester, NY at the beginning of 2016 to start for the company that I’m still with. After buying our house at the end of 2016, we got married in 2017 and life has really been happily ever after since.  As much I love everything about football, I’m also a big nerd when it comes to Disney and the Marvel Universe.

On and Off the Field

I cannot stress enough how much I love the NFL. I’ve been following the league since I was able to comprehend it as a kid. Once I focused on what I wanted to do with my life and what I wanted to do for a career, it was obvious. I wanted to cover the NFL as a reporter or broadcaster. So, where do I start?

I knew I wanted to talk about the NFL, but I didn’t know how to start. Well, my brother and his wife said: “start a podcast”. I never thought of that! I honestly didn’t even know what a podcast was. Now, I needed something that made my podcast special. Around that same time, my parents told me to look up Carson Wentz’s foundation Audience of One. It was so cool to see what he has done for the Philadelphia community and also in Haiti. How have I never heard of this? Then I knew. I’m going to report the off the field activity of the players along with their on the field performance. Boom. On and off the field.

I started On and Off the Field to cover the 2018-2019 NFL season. I had low expectations of even finishing the season. Low and behold, I didn’t. I started a new job, had to travel for training, I was stressed with the workload and had zero time to focus on the podcast. It was depressing and it was just another thing I failed at.

Next season was coming around (2019-2020) and I had a decision to make. Should I try again and maybe it works out this time? Or, do I avoid it because if I fail again, I might not be able to take it? I discussed it with my lovely wife, who got me to remind myself I had fun when doing the show. It was cool to do research, make notes, watch all the games and talk to a virtual crowd about all of it. Week 1, we were off and running again.

I was having a blast this season! I was receiving good feedback from friends and family and I was getting people listening from all over the country. I just kept pushing myself to keep building the brand. I made business cards, I work tirelessly on social media and now I have a website! It’s going so well!

A couple of months in, I was told that it might be a good idea to have more guests on or maybe even have a co-host. I guess people got sick of me just talking to myself. I asked around my small group of friends and former co-workers. Luckily, I am friends with an extremely nice guy that is a huge football fan. Fred (Derf) was thrilled to join me on this journey. I have been very lucky to have him as a co-host and we will make this show a success together!

The ball just dropped on 2020 and someone was asking for a guest on their sports podcast on a Facebook page I joined. My brain immediately told me “do it”. So, I did. I commented on it and told her to message me more details. After, my anxiety was at an all-time high. Why did I do this? This is going to be terrible! I’m an idiot, I have to back out.

I did not and it was a great show! I met an amazing group of folks and my confidence soared. Since then, I have been a guest on multiple shows and even started doing high profile interviews. I get scared every time but like everything in life, put your foot to the floor and go for it! On and Off the Field is only going up from here folks!

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