NFL Free Agency: NFC Winners and Losers

NFL Free Agency: NFC Winners and Losers

I am healed! It took a little over two weeks, but I am finally not sick. It feels good to be able to breath and swallow without wincing in pain. Now that I have a clear head and clear sinuses, I can wrap my head around this crazy off season. Last week I did post the winners and losers of the AFC, so this week is the NFC. It’s going to be weird, but talking about Tom Brady when discussing the NFC is necessary! We are living in odd times folks. Let’s just jump right in!

NFC East:

Philadelphia Eagles – Undetermined

  • I really wanted to make the Eagles losers, but they have done a nice job of balancing out the loss of Malcom Jenkins. Don’t get me wrong, Jenkins is a huge loss and moving Jalen Mills to safety is not going to be your long term answer. You won’t be able to replace a guy like Jenkins, which is why I wanted to make them losers.
  • The reason they are undetermined, is because of the depth they have added to their defense. Obviously the addition of Darius Slay is huge. To get him for a 3rd and a 5th round draft pick is also great. Then they added S Will Parks and LB Jatavis Brown. Not amazing moves but it’s depth. That is this teams major issue since half the team is made of glass. They still have a lot of holes to fill, especially at the RB and WR position. Time will tell.

Dallas Cowboys – Losers

  • Some people would be excited that they retained Dak for another year, signed Cooper long term and kept a lot of their core team together. Well, here I am to tell you this team is the Rams for the NFC East. They are choke-holding themselves to expensive deals that they can’t support. Cooper is the next one on the list with a $100M deal! Zeke already got his big pay day when he never should have received it. They had to ditch Byron Jones, so the defense will be worse than it already was. Travis Fredrick retired, leaving a huge hole on a what was once a dominate OL. This team is forming cracks and in my opinion, and why they are losers, after this season, this team will fall apart and it will be messy.

New York Giants – Winners

  • The Giants have quietly acquired a couple of great pieces. Defensively, they tagged Leonard Williams, who they could not afford to lose by any means, they singed former Packer LB duo Blake Martinez and Kyler Fackrell, S Nate Ebner, and a massive upgrade at CB with James Bradberry. On offense, they replaced the retired TE Rhett Ellison with Levine Toilolo from the 49ers, got a great 3rd down back in Dion Lewis from the Titans and improved the OL with Cameron Fleming from the Cowboys. Just a bunch of small, great moves! If Danny Dimes can improve his game just a touch and Barkley can get back to his power back self, this team might be dangerous. Possibly a 7-9 team, 8-8 if they get lucky!

Washington Redskins – Losers

  • The Redskins are always losers. Their best off season addition was getting River Boat Ron (Rivera) as a head coach. The most exciting move they made outside of this is they traded for the wrong Carolina QB in Kyle Allen and brought in a 37 year old LB in Thomas Davis. It’s a team in obvious rebuild mode and it is going to take a couple of years. Keep it moving, nothing to see here.

NFC North:

Green Bay Packers – Winners

  • The Packers have not done a lot but I don’t think they need a whole lot. They dumped Jimmy Graham and his horrible contract for what he produces and resigned TE Marcedes Lewis. They replaced Blake Martinez with LB Christian Kirksey from the Browns and signed OL Rick Wagner to replace Bryan Bulaga. Could they use some more defensive help? Sure. Maybe they get it done sometime this off season, but these moves are smart and keeps the team moving in the right direction.

Minnesota Vikings – Losers

  • The Vikings can never get out of their own way and now they are left with a huge hole on offense. After they extended Kirk Cousins with more guaranteed money, Stefan Diggs had enough of it and was dealt to the Bills. They made some smart moves outside of that by dumping Treadwell (finally) and Linval Joseph’s massive contract.
  • They were able to replace Linval with Michael Pierce who has been a top 5 run defender in the league. They kept their special teams intact by signing back Dan Bailey and Britton Colquitt. I don’t think there is anyone left on the market that can fill the gap of Diggs though. They certainly won’t fill that hole by extending FB C.J. Ham. But they did anyways.

Detroit Lions – Losers

  • They had to let Darius Slay go just from a “he hates the Head Coach” stand point. I just sit here and cry for Matthew Stafford. He has battled so many nasty injuries, like playing with a BROKEN BACK, and this team refuses to stop sucking for one year. Just give this man a chance at the playoffs. Instead, they keep getting worse and worse as the years go on and Matt gets one step closer to the end of his career.
  • If you want to talk signings, it’s basically the New England Lions. Matt Patrica has brought in all of his buddies from the Patriots and created some sort of Lions-Pats mashup that is bound to fail. They did replace Slay with Desmond Trufant, but is that really a replacement more than it is a gap filler? He is 30 years old and is battling a million injuries. Danny Shelton and Jamie Collins will try to be the leaders of this ragtag defense. Devonta Freeman will join forces with Kerryon Johnson to create some resemblance of a competent backfield.

Chicago Bears – Losers

  • What do you want me to say? Nick Foles is going to be the savior of this team because he used to work with Matt Nagy? He used to work with pre-double-doink Matt Nagy. The present day Matt Nagy has lost his marbles and should be put in a straight jacket before he harms his team any further.
  • Oh boy, they brought in Robert Quinn from Dallas. Maybe he will provide what Leonard Floyd couldn’t, which is anything. CB Artie Burns is here! Why? I don’t know. Because he was a former first round draft pick so he must have some upside right? Doubt. They signed Jimmy Graham. Maybe he will finally die here and go away forever.
  • I have no faith in this team to do anything. If you really want my opinion, Mitch Trubisky will have a better preseason than Nick Foles and they will still start Mitch when the season comes. Watch.

NFC South:

New Orleans Saints – Winners

  • I am just waiting for the year the Saints can actually pull it all together and win a ring. They have endless talent on both sides of the ball. Maybe a little less on defense, but still, good talent!
  • They have brought in Emmanaul Sanders to play along side Michael Thomas. That’s just not fair. They were able to regain Malcom Jenkins which as I stated with the Eagles, is a huge loss for them, so a great gain for the Saints. If D.J. Swearinger can not get suspended in the first 10 minutes of the season, those are two amazing talents they added to the back end. I just love what the Saints have and they should be able to win a lot of games.

Atlanta Falcons – Losers

  • The two offensive talents they brought in were a one legged Todd Gurley and first round bust Lquon Treadwell. They dumped Devonta Freeman which I don’t disagree with but I don’t think Todd Gurley is your answer. They only signed him to a one year deal, so if it doesn’t work out say good bye to him, no big deal. It is only a matter of time though when they will need to replace Matt Ryan, which by the looks of it, they are no closer to doing. They are losers in my eyes because they have not gotten healthier or younger. Those are the two areas they need to focus on.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Winners

  • I mean, they put “30 for 30” Jameis Winston in a hat and pulled out future hall of famer Tom Brady. Best magic trick in the NFL so far this off season. I just can’t imagine TB12 with Chris Godwin, Mike Evans and OJ Howard. All they have to do is draft a solid, young running back to go with Peyton Barber and you have one of the best offenses in the NFL. Sure, the OL is a question mark, but if Brady can bring in his quick passing offense, it shouldn’t be that big of an issue. I have high expectations for this team, not going to lie. A playoff appearance is the bare minimum for me.

Carolina Panthers – Winners

  • Cam Newton was released as I started typing this, which rings in a new era of the Panthers. We knew it was coming, but now it is official. Teddy Bridgewater and the newly signed XFL star, P.J. Walker will be the new faces of the Panthers along with CMC of course. With Matt Rhule in place for 7 years, this team has plenty of time to get it right. They are bringing in help at the WR position which is desperately needed which Pharoh Cooper, Keith Kirkwood and Seth Roberts. Not slam dunk talent, but depth. I see them as winners as they have finally moved on from the former MVP and started anew. Creating a new Panthers team with a new mindset.
  • The one issue I see moving forward is CMC will need to be paid. That is not going to be cheap. I am a firm believer in not overpaying RB’s but CMC is an exemption. I still don’t think you need to give him $80M for 5 years, but you need to make him happy to keep this team intact. He is the glue right now and basically the only real, proven talent.

NFC West:


Seattle Seahawks – Winners

  • I originally wanted to mark them as undetermined since Jadeveon Clowney is still unmoved and unsigned, but they have done very well adding depth in two positions they struggled in last year, OL and the secondary. They did sign Bruce Irvin, their former 1st round pick from 2012, to assist in the pass rush. Bruce playing along side of Clowney, the resigned Jarran Reed and company, could help find some sort of pass rush. The Seahawks are also tied to talks with Everson Griffen in Minnesota. The Seahawks are well aware of their largest flaw, and are trying to fix it.
  • They signed a slew of Offensive Linemen with BJ Finnley, Cedric Ogbuehi, and Chance Warmack. Weather any of these guys will be starters is impossible to know yet, but depth at the OL position is always needed, especially with this team.
  • The Seahawks did get in on the trade action, acquiring CB Quinton Dunbar from the Redskins for a 5th round pick. He had a strong 2019 season, but before that, he was an unknown. Will he take Tre Flowers spot or play in nickel packages? I don’t know, but I like the trade.

San Francisco 49ers – Losers

  • They were able to reign Arik Armstead to a 5 year, $85M deal, but they lost DeForest Buckner to a trade with the Colts. They received a quality first round pick out of it, so depending on what they do with the pick will determine their “winner or loser” status.
  • The reason they are losers is because they could not retain Emmanuel Sanders. He brought a veteran presence to a WR/TE core of rookies and younger players. Maybe they don’t need that veteran presence anymore. Maybe Jimmy G or Kittle or Samual will take that role after a very successful season. I think it’s a big hit, and outside of those two losses, they have not done a lot this off season.

LA Rams – Losers

  • This was one of the easiest loser calls of the day. They have lost more than any team in the league in terms of talent and depth. The reason? They placed themselves in cap space and draft pick hell. They grabbed as much talent as they could at any cost in hopes of winning one or two championships in a 3 year window. They acquired none, and now their window has been slammed shut. This team has one of the worst futures than any team in the league. Jared Goff has looked pedestrian ever since the Super Bowl loss, the WR core can’t stay healthy, the defense is now in shambles and the RB crew has dwindled down to Malcom Brown with Todd Gurley and his one knee going to Atlanta. Oof. God speed Rams.
  • Oh, let’s not forget that the new logo is just straight up garbage. Who approved that? They should be let go next…

Arizona Cardinals – Winners

  • I am super excited to see if this team and Kyler Murray can put it all together with the addition of DeAndre Hopkins. I am scared since I am a Seahawks fan, but I digress. They destroyed the Texans in the Hopkins-Johnson trade no matter what anyone says. They have a top 3 WR along side the ageless wonder, Larry Fitzgerald and Christian Kirk, who looked amazing last year, don’t tell me other wise! One area of concern that they have not addressed yet is the OL. Kyler can run for his life, but wouldn’t you rather he drop back, have no pressure, plant his feet and throw it down field to D-Hop for 70 hard? I would prefer that.

I hope you learned something here today and I didn’t completely rip your team a new one…unless they deserved it. Then i’m not sorry. If you enjoyed the post, leave a comment, email the show or go to our social media pages and message us! We love to communicate with other fans of the NFL! As always, All Hail the Jock Strap King!


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