NFL Offseason: 2/10 – 2/14

NFL Offseason: 2/10 – 2/14

Welcome to the first post of the weekly series “What Happened This Week in NFL?”

Exciting stuff, I know! I personally cannot remember everything that happened come Friday. With all of the news in other sports, a full week of work and just generally being exhausted, I need a good refresher! Maybe some of the other sports slip into these posts because I need to vent about things like:


But for the most part, I will try and stick to football. So, sit back, ignore the work you have to do and focus in on this weeks recap of the NFL Offseason!

Phillip Rivers and QB Free Agency:

Everyone knew this was going to happen about 3 weeks ago, but the Chargers finally made the divorce official. After 16 years, Phillip Rivers is no longer the quarterback of the San Diego/Las Angeles Chargers. Once Phillip moved his family to Florida, scientists said the state of California rose 50 ft above sea level. Florida is now is danger of serious flooding, but no one seems to care.

The trend of the 2019-2020 season was the old QB’s are out and the younger stars are in/on the rise. Big Ben went out early with tennis elbow (wrong sport my dude), Eli Manning was replaced by Eli Manning 2.0 (Danny Dimes… Danial Jones), Drew Brees went down for 5 weeks with an injury but did return, Matt Ryan doesn’t seem to be the same Matty Ice we are used to seeing, Tom Brady is stepping closer to the edge leading to the abyss with not having a set home yet, and of course, Phillip Rivers is now in search of a new team.

Some of them will be playing in the 2020-2021 season, but those teams will surly be looking to the draft and free agency for a younger option as well. The Ravens (Lamar Jackson), Chiefs (Patrick Mahomes), Texans (Deshaun Watson), soon to be Bengals (Joe Burrow), soon to be Dolphins (Tua T.), Giants (Danny Dimes), and many other teams are set for at least the next 4 years. I said it back in the 2019 preseason. The new wave was here and was going to take over this season. Kind of perfect timing with it being the NFL’s 100th season. Only seemed proper to enter the next 100 years with a new class of elite quarterbacks.

No one knows where any of these free agent quarterbacks are going to land though. It seems like over half of the teams have a QB on the move. Taysom Hill wants to be a starting QB only having thrown 12 passes on “trick plays”, Teddy Bridgewater could have a new home if Drew Brees returns this season, Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers, Mitch Trubisky, Cam Newton, Jameis Winston, Case Keenum, Derek Carr, Marcus Mariota, Andy Dalton, Ryan TANNYHILL, Nick Foles, Josh Rosen, Joe Flacco, the list is never ending! It will make for a very exciting free agency period when it begins March 18th.

Michael Strahan’s Sack Record Called Out:

Back in 2001, Michael Strahan broke Mark Gastineau’s single season sack record at 22.5 sacks. In the final game of the season, Strahan almost killed Brett Farve on what seemed like a broken blocking assignment on the O-Line. Strahan came flying around the corner and Farve faked the hand off to the RB. As Farve came out of the exchange and started to drop back to pass, a 6’5″ 255 pound monster was about to kill him. Farve fell to the ground and Strahan had the record.

Now 19 years later, Mark says the record is a sham and it should be given back to him. Mark was a DE for the Jets from 1979 to 1988. In the 1983 season, he set the single season sack record at 22 sacks. He was able to enjoy that record for 18 years before Strahan broke it. He called out Farve for taking a dive and giving the record to Strahan instead of him earning it.

It gets interesting when Green Bay’s HC at the time Mike Sherman, said that play was a run and Farve went rouge. To me, that’s one way to put it, but quarterbacks change plays at the line of scrimmage constantly. Why would he change the play to a play action pass with Strahan apparently not being blocked on the play? My guess was the O-Line didn’t get the entire memo. Blocking assignments are messed up every week in the NFL, especially on changed plays at the line.

To me, this was not a great look for Mark. To call this out 19 years later looks petty and pathetic. To get the record breaking sack on a broken play like that looks bad, but guess what? It’s still a sack.

Myles Garrett Reinstated:

Everyone is well aware of why Myles Garrett was indefinitely suspended in the first place. Mason Rudolph took a swing at Myles after some “final play of the game scuffling” and Myles ripped at Mason’s helmet, removed it and swung it at Mason’s head, hammer style, and knocked him square in the dome. After that, some other Steelers players ran over and tackled Myles and it was, overall, a disaster.

A couple of the Steelers were suspended, some were fined, and Myles was indefinitely suspended due to attacking someone with a weapon. During this past week, Myles met with NFL officials, like Rodgers Goodell, and although we don’t have the audio from that meeting I’m sure there was a lot of apologizing and begging. The NFL broke down and after missing out on 6 games, Myles is now an active member of the Cleveland Browns roster.

The big question is, was 6 games enough. In retrospect, yes. The only other player that has been suspended for longer due to on field garbage is Vontaze Burfict. He was suspended a total of 12 games last season after hitting another player in the head with his head. It was strike 20 for Vontaze, and he is in essence, been removed from the league. Myles’s actions were scary and we all hope to never see that happen again, but it was his first offense for “fighting” and deserves to come back for the 2020-2021 season. I’m satisfied with the result, but Myles has to have a clean record this season because I am sure he is being watched very closely.

Jameis Winston Had Lasik Eye Surgery:

Eat that W baby!

This is just straight up comedy. I don’t know who timed this, but they must have done it as a joke. The season after Jameis is the first QB to throw 30 TD’s with 30 INT’s he has to go get his eye sight corrected. I repeat, he threw 30 INT’s and then got his EYE SIGHT FIXED!

If this was just about any other QB, no one would have cared, but this man is a turnover machine. He was snubbed as the Defensive Player of the Year at the NFL Honors. I am just waiting for them to install those color blindness correction glasses as his helmet visor. The jokes are non stop with this guy.

I still think he is without a doubt one of the most exciting QB’s in the league. He threw for over 5,000 yards and 33 TD’s. Those are amazing numbers, but they are accompanied by 30 INT’s, a slew of pick six’s and a butt load of fumbles. Can Bruce Arians, the QB whisperer, fix Winston’s decision making skills in his 2nd year with him? Only time will tell. They could give up and send him on his way this offseason, but I love his upside. I would give him one more year.

Project Codebreaker:

I already mentioned I was bringing this up, so get over it. I am going to vent about this.

First off, what is it? The Astros (MLB) front office hired an intern to create a program that can take signs from a pitching coach or the catcher and dissect what pitch is coming. So, the intern did that in Excel and they dubbed it: PROJECT CODEBREAKER! Someone over there watches too many action/spy movies. Imagine if they called it “project that brad the intern is doing” no one would have looked at it. Oh, it’s probably just some boring financial reports, move past that! How epic is that name though, Project Codebreaker. Just amazing.

Here is my actual complaint though. When all of the Astros cheating stuff first came out, the front office said “nope I know nothing about this, it was all A.J. Hinch the manager and the players.” Well, turns out, this all started in the front office with Project Codebreaker! What a bunch of ^@*($! Granted, the players and A.J. Hinch were still at fault for you know, actually cheating in games, but they passed the completely passed the blame. That’s just… ugh. A bunch of suits trying to get away with cheating and scandals. They should all be in Washington DC.

The Astros did hold a press conference Thursday to give statements and answer questions from the media, but it was basically a waste of time and resources. Everyone dodged the real questions, they denied some of the allegations (like the buzzer on Altuve’s chest) and they contradicted themselves:

Jim Crane the owner: “This did not impact the game.”

Reporter a few minutes later: “Why do you say this didn’t impact the game?”

Jim “Dummy” Crane: “I didn’t say that.”

Big oof right there. It just shows that they don’t care that they cheated. Jim slipped up and said “who cares, this doesn’t change anything. We don’t care” and then when he got caught, he denied it. What a joke. The Astros have a lot of pressure on them to preform well this season. If they actually stop cheating, and then have a terrible season… wow. That is going to look very, very bad. Take that World Series away from them!

Randy Moss turned 43 on Thursday! Happy Birthday!

Thank you for taking the time to catch up on this week’s news from around the league(s) with me! I hope you have a great weekend. Mine is a three day weekend since we have President’s Day off, so that’s pretty big. I will most likely waste it by playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare since season 2 just dropped. I will also work on podcast/blog stuff, just for you! Don’t forget to enter yourself into the giveaway! Like On and Off the Field on Facebook and Instagram, review the show on iTunes, and email the show on using the contact form on the bottom of the homepage.

All Hail the Jock Strap King!


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