NFL Offseason: 3/2 – 3/6

NFL Offseason: 3/2 – 3/6

DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles has said he “will be back stronger than ever” while he was attending an XFL game this past weekend. He played in three games last season and came out of one of them alive. Now that we all have had a good laugh, let’s jump into the rest of these past weeks NFL Offseason news!

More Eagles News:

Jason Peters, 11 year OT, veteran, and future Hall of Famer of the Philadelphia Eagles, has been released to test free agency this offseason. It feels weird that we might see Jason Peters in a uniform other than the Eagles. Granted, I was reminded that he started his career as a Buffalo Bill, but no one really cares. When you hear Jason Peters you go “ah, yeah the Eagles! Great guy!”. He was a leader on one of the best offensive lines in football and it will leave a giant hole for the Eagles to fill. They drafted Andre Dillard in the first round last year so they could fill that hole when they released Jason. Andre won’t bring the leadership that Jason did, but he has first round talent and can grow into that role in a few years.

Now the question is, who is going to sign Jason? Every team in the league can use offensive line help, but it’s a matter of how much you want to spend. Jason might be aging (38) and has injury history, but he will demand top dollar on a short contract. If he asks for $8 – $12 million a year, it will limit the amount of teams that will bring him in, but someone will pay it. Once the Detroit Lions dump Darius Slay, they would have the cap space to protect Matt Stafford. Arizona needs every bit of experience and knowledge they can get on that O-line. It might be weird, but the Giants need help and they can pay for it. To play his former team twice a year would be entertaining. Jason will get a job, you can count on that.


We have seen two trades this week. One makes sense, the other was a little odd. First off, the Jaguars traded 29 year old CB A.J. Bouye to the Broncos for a 4th round draft pick in the 2020 draft. This trade freed up over $11 million dollars of cap space for the Jaguars and it makes the Broncos secondary even scarier. They had a top 10 passing defense in 2019 and putting A.J. back there with Justin Simmons and Chris Harris plus having Von Miller and Bradley Chubb rushing the QB up front, can make any team become a run heavy offense, quickly. The Jaguars are looking for cap space. With every passing week, this team keeps looking more and more like a rebuild. It is only a matter of time before they find a trade for DE Yannick Ngakoue. I am just waiting for them to take the massive hit when they dump or trade Nick Foles. Sorry Jacksonville, but you will have to wait a year or two longer until they make it back to an AFC Championship game.

I love the second trade because I love fat guy swaps. The Chargers swapped OT Russell Okung for OG Trai Turner. That’s it. No draft picks, no other 3rd tier players. Just two fat guys going to new cities. Both of them bring big contracts to the team so neither team is saving a ton of money. It really just boils down to the Panthers getting better blindside blocking to protect whoever their QB is going to be and getting better outside blocking to help out CMC. Trai Turner is a good talent, he is a 5 time pro bowler. The Chargers are not getting beat on this trade, I just think it’s an even, weird, fat guy trade.

Running Backs:

Ready for joke number two? Kenyan Drake wants $8 million a year! I’l give you a minute to “lol”. Kenyan had one good moment in Miami when he took the last lateral pitch to beat the Patriots. Then, he ran for 4 TDs in a single game with the Cardinals and played solid ball in replacement of the forever injured David Johnson. Does he have enough GOOD film to ask for $8 million a season? Absolutely not! He can ask for it, but he will never get it. If a team is dumb enough to give him that based off of his short, but solid, stint with the Cardinals, go for it. If I was a GM/Coach though, I go back to Miami and ask him “what happened here?”. He will find a team with be a #2 on I believe. I do not see him as a #1 RB yet. He needs to show he can play a full season with a desire to win and be great. The only time he has a played a full season with a team was in Miami and he was awful for most of it. 4 good games does not equal $8 million a season, sorry Kenyan.

Another RB that will most likely be overpaid for is Melvin Gordon. He will once again test free agency and ask people to give him $8 – $10 million a season for a guy who refuses to commit to the team he is on. Oh, and he has a pretty hefty injury history. I just do not like Melvin’s attitude. I get it, you want out of San Diego/LA. But he held out last season, when he played he didn’t seem interested in winning and he only has bursts of good play. He is not consistent. Maybe that was because of a team issue with the offensive line or play calling, but I have never bought into Melvin. He has the talent, that is pretty obvious, but you never see it week to week or even for an entire game. Like I said though, there are plenty of RB hungry teams who will give him his payday.


Finally, the players will vote on the new proposed, 456 page CBA. An estimated 2,400 players will vote on the new 10-year collective bargaining agreement and early indications say it will pass. This deal benefits the 2nd and 3rd string players, the practice squad guys and free agents looking for a home. It really has no benefit for the veterans making tens and hundreds of millions of dollars. They want other things included in this deal like longer post-career health care, not a 17 game schedule and a larger share of the money, especially from TV deals. They will not get any of that, but the formerly mentioned players will enjoy their pay raise and extra job openings which would include a 12 player practice squad, up from 10, and a 55 man active roster, up from 53.

The players will have until Thursday, March 12th at midnight to vote on the new CBA. The fun part is the entire deal is 456 pages long. Unless you have someone that is very interested in all the details, no one is reading that. I am sure some of the veterans might to try and prove their point of why they would vote no. The younger/lower tier players will hear “pay raise” and check the yes box. I don’t blame them! They are trying to survive on limited roster spots with a nice paycheck already, but they are on the fringe of being kicked off the roster. One free agent signing from you losing your job. That extra cash and extra roster spots appeal to them much more than the veterans.

One more fun part of this deal with this deal is the new “substance abuse policy”. Players can no longer be suspended for positive drug test results. They instead will be hit in the paycheck. I do not know the details, but with each offense, you will have more and more of your money taken away, mostly out of game checks. If you continue to test positive, you can be kicked from the league if you show no desire to change your habits. So no, Josh Gordon will not be reinstated since he never showed an interest to get off the weed. This seems like an odd way to try and get players to not test positive, but if you attack a mans wallet, they might be more interested in keeping their money instead of smoking weed when they shouldn’t be. I AM NOT HERE TO DISCUSS IF WEED SHOULD BE LEGAL OR NOT! I am just here to discuss based off of laws put in place right now, at this moment in time.

Peyton Manning:

ESPN is looking to book Peyton Manning as their color commentator, and reports have them offering somewhere between $18M – $20M a year. Let’s be fair, Peyton was not going to accept less than what Tony Romo made in his latest broadcasting deal of $17M. ESPN is also looking to “trade” for Al Michaels to be with Peyton in the booth. This has picked up a lot of steam when the first reports broke early on Thursday. Peyton is very interested in getting into broadcasting and I am interested in hearing it! I love what Tony Romo brought to the box, being able to break things down in real time, tell the audience what the audibles at the line mean, and his general excitement and love of the game was very clear. I believe Peyton can do that and maybe even better. Peyton invented audibles at the line and after the huddle. “OMAHA! OMAHA!”. Peyton being able to tell the listeners on Monday Night Football why they are changing a play or what he sees based off of how the defense is lined up would be exciting. It brings a new depth to the game that today’s viewers do not currently get, except with Tony Romo.

Quinnen Willaims:

Jets DE Quinnen Williams has been arrested in NY for illegal possession of a firearm when he tried boarding a plane while carrying a Glock 19. He has a permit to carry in his hometown of Philadelphia, but you:

  1. Cannot carry a gun on a plane. It has to be checked with your luggage.
  2. Just because you have a permit to carry in Philly does not mean you can carry in NY.

As a gun owning, carrying American, you have to know the laws. It is people like Quinnen who break the simple concealed carry laws that make gun owners look like villains. I am not sure how this will end for Quinnen, but my guess is it won’t go away for him without some jail time. Hope he has a god lawyer.

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