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XFL Week 4: Topsy Turvy Day!

Yes, that is a Hunchback of Notre Dame reference. No, I don’t feel bad for using it. This weekend gave me a lot to think about. After digesting it and spewing out a 1-3 record on my picks, things are about to get weird in this post. I am upset! I have rode a couple…
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XFL Week 3: Sustained Success

Here we are! Week 3 of the XFL 2020 season has come to completion. Who would have thought that in the year 2020, Andy Reid would get his first Super Bowl ring, Jose Altuve would be getting beaned in spring training games, and the XFL would be a roaring success? I sure didn’t! That is…
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XFL Week 2: Separating the Good from the Bad

In week 1, we saw a sample size of what to expect from our new XFL 2020 teams. Some of them looked like runaway favorites to win it all, while others reminded us of the AAF. After the conclusion of week 2, some of those week 1 samples were accurate. Others (the New York Guardians),…
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